SAPNA: By Members, For Members

Over many years, SAPNA has evolved into an Incorporated Association pursuing educational and professional development for perioperative nurses. The Association continues to increase its presence, as the growing membership reaps the benefits of:


By providing the framework for members to meet and exchange ideas, SAPNA, through its affiliation with ACORN (Australian College of Perioperative Nurses), affords perioperative nurses the opportunity to participate in shaping best practice and standards to achieve excellence.

As a member of SAPNA, and hence ACORN, you will have the opportunity to add your voice and vision to the future of perioperative nursing.

The Association

The SAPNA committee is comprised of a mixture of passionate volunteer perioperative nurses. We also have a wonderful group of SAPNA Champions that promote SAPNA in their workplaces. SAPNA membership gives you the opportunity and support to make your mark as a Perioperative Nursing Professional!