Strategic Plan

Care, Vision, Excellence

SAPNA’s Purpose and Objects

The purpose and objects for which SAPNA is established are to benefit the health and welfare of the community by:

  • encouraging and promoting the pursuit of excellence in the perioperative phase of the patient’s surgical experience;
  • assisting providers of patient care to  reach the highest standards of nursing and professional competence;
  • promoting best practice standards for perioperative nursing in the community;
  • encouraging and promoting research projects relating to perioperative nursing, and increasing  knowledge and learning in the perioperative nursing field;
  • promoting educational opportunities for perioperative nurses to further their knowledge and skills; and
  • developing, promoting, enhancing and maintaining the discipline and specialty of perioperative nursing throughout healthcare in South Australia.

Strategic Planning

The SAPNA Committee meets annually to reflect on the Association’s work in meeting its purpose and objects over the past year, and to plan a strategy to deliver on the objects in the year ahead. The Committee also sets administrative objectives to meet the Association’s needs and compliance obligations.

Education is the pulse of SAPNA, so providing opportunities for perioperative nurses to exchange knowledge, innovations and ideas, and actively engage in knowledge-building and education is central to SAPNA’s strategic plan. These opportunities include:

  • SAPNA Education Sessions
  • SAPNA State Conferences
  • SAPNA Professional Development Retreats
  • ACORN Conferences
  • ACORN Webinars
  • ACORN Standards at member rates

SAPNA also:

  • provides eligible members opportunities to apply for education or research grants;
  • encourages nomination to the annual Judith Berry Perioperative Nurse Excellence Award to highlight the perioperative specialty and acknowledge stand-out perioperative nurses; and
  • engages participation by industry health trade stakeholders to showcase and demonstrate latest advancements to perioperative nurses attending SAPNA events.

SAPNA 2022 Strategic Plan

SAPNA 2022 Risk Management Plan