Current Committee

The 2020 SAPNA Committee

The management of SAPNA is vested in the SAPNA Committee.

The Committee consists of between 12 and 20 members who work collaboratively to provide the educational and professional development events, and the administrative activities to support members along the way.

The Committee meets each month to ensure continual and optimal progress on projects, to receive reports and share updates on matters under consideration, attend to planning and the necessary decision-making that is part-and-parcel of running an Incorporated Association.

Members may nominate for election to the Committee at any time. If you are interested in Committee service, talk to one of our current Committee members or view the  Committee Nomination Form that includes more details on what Committee membership entails.

President Cathie Hashemi
Secretary Sharon Mewett
Treasurer Robyn Verrall
President Elect
Education Chair Di Hutt/ Nicole Were
Conference Convenor Fiona Davies
Conference Co-Convenor (Trade) Cathy Cross
Beth Aston
 ACORN Director Sharon Mewett
 Committee Member Carmel Rodgers
Marketing Officer Nicki Were
Website Fiona Davies
Social Media Robyn Verrall
 Newsletter Sharon Mewett
Newsletter Assisting Andrew Soones
 Committee Mentor
 Rural South Liaison Alice Brennan
 Rural North Liaison Michiela Gardner
Trade Representatives Danielle Bicanin, Stacey Spurling
 Secretariat (contracted position)    Kylee Carmody